Offshore Service Brokerage
We identify the most suitable offshore service provider for your offshore project.
Finding the ideal offshore service provider

With our global network we give you access to a broad selection of different contractors and offshore service providers – fast, independent and free of charge just as you know it from our shipbroking service. Further we assist you to find the best and most competitive contractors to provide you with an attractive package offer.

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WE FInd the right offshore service provider

With our internal database and our extensive global network we broker full turnkey solutions during each stage of an offshore renewable project.
For the construction of offshore wind farms, a variety of service providers are needed to carry out the individual work steps. beginning with OFFSHORE surveys like Geophysical surveys, Geotechnical surveys, Hydrographic surveys, but also Diving work, installation of Offshore Foundation, Offshore Substation, Offshore export Cable and offshore array cable, and installtion of Offshore Wind Turbines, followed by the Commissioning of offshore wind farm and operation & Maintenance phase until decommissioning or repowering the offshore wind farm. For more information get in contact with our team!

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