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What are the benefits of working with a Chartering Manager?

As specialists in offshore renewables charteringGRS.Offshore Renewables provides you with a complete range of services – from the initial inquiry through to the completion of the off-hire survey. With GRS.Offshore Renewables, you are always in good hands. 

Your trusted partner

Offshore vessels are expensive assets, so you want to be sure that you make the right decision when chartering. A trusted relationship between the Chartering Manager and their customers is essential. We are a truly independent partner who works diligently to ensure you get the best possible vessel for the most attractive price. 

Providing added value

Our value isn’t in our database (though it’s the most comprehensive global offshore vessel database) but in our services, expertise, and knowledge. We operate in all time zones, often in the client’s local languages. We understand vessel owners, how to approach them, and are aware of cross-cultural pitfalls. We can act quickly and decisively to bring the deal to a successful close. 

Confidential and Discreet

We make discreet inquiries on your behalf without revealing your plans to the vessel owners or your competition. This secrecy ensures the most competitive price and avoids bidding wars with your competitors or price hikes from the vessel owners.  

Saving you time and money

You don’t charter an offshore vessel every day, so you might not have a dedicated team for this project. We support your team with specialist knowledge and expertise and guide you safely from the identification of requirements, negotiation and completion of the contract, and during the entire chartering period. 

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