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You need a Passenger ferry, a luxery cruise vessel or a river cruise vessel? Search our vessel database according to the type of vessel required. If you have questions, you can reach our Chartering Managers anytime.

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You don’t charter or Purchase a cruise ship or ferry every day, so you might not have a dedicated team for this project. We support your team with specialist knowledge and expertise and guide you safely from the identification of requirements, negotiation and completion of the contract. Because cruise ships and ferries are expensive assets, so you want to be sure that you make the right decision when chartering or buying a ship. A trusted relationship between the Chartering Manager and their customers is essential. We are a truly independent partner who works diligently to ensure you get the best possible ship or ferry for the most attractive price.


Our ship database covers over 100,000 vessels. Our expertise, our global network and our market analysis tools enable us to provide not only cruise ship or ferry availability but also predictions on market developments and trends in the ferry and cruise industry. For this purpose we have an internal market research team.


We broker the main ferry and cruise vessel types like: Passenger Ferry, Ropax Ferry, Cruise Ship, River Cruise Ship.
Our Shipbroker team is available to our clients around the clock in six offices around the world. Our biggest strength is our independence, our experience and in-depth market
knowledge. We are therefore able to find the best ferry for charter or cruise vessel for charter quickly and independently, we work out the contract documents and support you in the contract negotiations.
Explore our 3D ferry and cruise vessel portfolio or discover our ferry and cruise services or Ocean events. If you need more details please contact us anytime!

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