French Balconies
French Balconies give the passenger the chance to open their surface low cabin windows in order to transform the cabin into a large balcony cabin.
Passenger Areas
Spacious Restaurant and Bar areas with surface low windows makes the cruise experience even more enjoyable.
Redundant Propulsion
A redundant propulsion system with up to four propellers assures that the River Cruise vessel always keeps its cruise schedule.
Sport Area
Multiple use areas including Swimming pools, Dance Floors, Gym's or Yoga areas ensures a River Cruise vessel offers the utmost of sports activities regardless of the vessels limited free space.
* The Vessels shown here are exemplary Models only.
River Cruise Ship

Special Cruise Ship for low draft Canals and Rivers throughout europe

More than a dozen cruise lines offer cruises of a week or longer on the rivers of Germany and neighboring countries. River Cruise ships vary in size, depending on the canals and locks they’re designed to traverse, but even the largest carry no more than about 190 passengers (or roughly 5 percent of the passenger load on a typical oceangoing megaship). On many itineraries, the ships are able to tie up in the middle of the towns and cities that they visit, making it easy to reach local sightseeing attractions and shops on foot. Nowadays a River Crusie Ship also offers amenities as swimming pools, spacious restaurants as well as cabins with French Balconies.

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